Tail Dragger check ride – Mastering the dying art – Flying – POV

Ride along as I fly a Super Cub for the first time, and land on a grass strip!. Watch in HD! You can read the Panel! It has been on my list to get checked out in a tail dragger ever since…

25 comments to “Tail Dragger check ride – Mastering the dying art – Flying – POV”
25 comments to “Tail Dragger check ride – Mastering the dying art – Flying – POV”
  1. The plane got “pranged” by someone shortly after I did that first flight –
    it is fixable but not a priority before maintaining all the other more
    popular trainers in the fleet… So the Cub is offline for the winter :( but
    I have great footage to review so I’ll be ready come spring when I continue
    the tail wheel conversation training!

  2. Been flying a Super Cub for 27 years and just wan to comment that these
    videos are the best I have seen on how to.Great for any one starting out
    and those with experience as a refresher .Back to basics . Great editing
    and comments .Well done .Going to watch them all ..Thanks

  3. Steve,
    I was under the impression this was the actual check ride and the final
    flight of getting your endorsement. The exact opposite though.
    Is a tailwheel add on a big deal and full check ride in Canada or similar
    to the states with just 4-5 hours to get the endorsement?

  4. Thanks for the videos. I’m a low time pilot, hope to get into crop dusting.
    I bought a piper pa 12 and find your videos very helpful! Let’s see some
    more tail wheel videos! 

  5. I like the relationship between pilot and his aircraft. It’s not like the
    Airbus family when you don’t know who’s in control! I always like the
    general aviation, I’ve flown in a Piper Cherokee a few years back and
    enjoyed it very much! Tail Draggers are really awesome!

  6. Well done working 2 cam’s and commentary/ fonts. You make good points while
    flying and commentating. Its a great blend as we new pilots learn. Thanks
    and will keep watching. Good job.

  7. Wow that’s awesome! I hope to one day have my own ‘weekend warrior’
    airplane and a PPL for short trips. Great videos, I love ’em.

  8. Great work on the videos. You mention in this tail-dragger video that you
    used to fly gliders. Do you not fly them anymore? If not, why?

  9. Always great to see more people learning to fly taildraggers. I started
    flying tailwheel with my dad (who was also my instructor) when I was a kid
    and now 15 years later my first taildragger flights seem like forever ago,
    so it’s fun to see it from the perspective of someone who’s just getting
    into it. Keep up the good work. :-) Also, once you’ve got some experience
    with conventional gear, skis add a whole new level of fun.

  10. Great work! Nice vid! When you’re done your checkout, try flying the
    original J3 over at Guelph with the taildragging club up there. I’ve flown
    both the Super Cub and the J3 and the J3, with only 65hp is a real

  11. yes, I’d like to try the original J3 – didn’t realize Guelph had one; I’ll
    have to give it a shot – is it yellow? I hope so! :)

  12. I’m working on getting my tailwheel endorsement too. Flown twice in a
    Citabria. I feel like I’m starting to get it on the 2nd time. It should get
    better and better every time. Thanks for your videos!

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