FlyZone Cessna 182 Skylane – Maiden Flight – Zack 4-4-2010

Picked up the Receiver Ready Cessna 182 Skylane by FlyZone for my son Zack for Easter 2010. We put it together in less than an hour, and hit the field the same day. Its a really nice plane…
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on “FlyZone Cessna 182 Skylane – Maiden Flight – Zack 4-4-2010
18 Comments on “FlyZone Cessna 182 Skylane – Maiden Flight – Zack 4-4-2010
  1. @TheFlight17 : It wouldnt be a bad choice. Its high wing, slow enough and
    pretty durable. Repairs can be made at the field with C/A glue. Just have
    to watch the hard landings and breaking the gear. But the FlyZone site
    offers replacement parts too.

  2. hiya – my mate RylehRC has that Cessna (only from ST-Model, but same kit)
    and it’s been a year of use and abuse – the nose gear has had a few
    repairs, but one can fix it with a pair of pliers and a can of coke if need
    be :) Awesome plane indeed! Some onboard and slo-mo footage of this one on
    my channel too…

  3. @averredude101 : No, its a new housing development that stopped production.
    So there are roads and such but no houses. It is not open to the public.
    You’ll want to fly these in an area with no pedestrians around. Thanks for
    the question.

  4. @RCRedBaron Oh, well its a problem. There pedestrians everywhere in tokyo.
    Is it still ok to fly around them. Can this airplane be flown in parks. If
    not ok to fly near people what`s your advice to where to fly?

  5. I have two of these flyzone scale select cessna 182′s. I have one in which
    I broke the nose gear off while landing in grass…it’s now been converted
    to a float plane and looks great. The other one is with the standard
    tricycle gear. This cessna 182 is an awesome looking plane and flies so
    well! Your son is a great pilot!

  6. @TheFlight17 Alot of people might disagree.. But for a first flight i think
    not. I would go with a HobbyZone Supercub with ACT. Then once you can fly
    with out act move up to a t-28 or maybe this 182..

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