Fairey Long Range Monoplane

Fairey Long Range Monoplane

In 1926 a proposal was made that the RAF should attempt a non-stop flight to India. This would not only be operationally significant, but enormously prestigious to the service if successful….
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9 Comments on “Fairey Long Range Monoplane
  1. Hi there. A while back you mentioned you had a hand written account of
    Gilbert Nicholetts on the long distance flight. He was a relative of mine
    and I would love to get hold of that document. Would you mind sending it to

  2. hey there…Interested to see this footage bomber guy. Been trying to save
    a copy on my laptop but cant. GE Nicholetts was a relative of mine. Would
    like a copy if you still have bomber guy?

  3. 57 1/2 hours in the same seat – ugh! I find 7 1/2 in a modern airliner more
    than enough – thank you. Despite that, they seemed to be able to climb out
    without any difficulty. I wonder what they talked about all that time ….

  4. I would hate to do a weight and balance calculation for this beast!! The
    numbers are frightening… how did it manage on that much power!

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